Liner, your best friend or worst enemy

The cateye is one of the most popular looks. It is simple and always looks sophisticated. Although it’s not always as easy as it looks. If you tried this look you might notice it’s not always a fun thing to do. It is hard to get two of the same lines at both eyes. This is because your eyes are not even, nobodies are. It also depends on the way you apply it and wich product u use. Liquid eyeliner is far more harder to work with than cream or gel liner. With a liquid liner you have to use the applicator that comes with the liner, at the same time the lid on the bottle. A cream or gel liner is applied with an angled brush or a fine-liner brush. With this brush it is easier to work because you have better grip on the brush and that way you control it more. Also cream/gel liner is easier to adjust when it goes wrong. I can’t say there is a fool proof method or a way for you to do it, you have to try and try and try this out yourself. Practise makes perfect they say. What I do is I first draw the wing softly on each eye, you have to draw it out like you were sketching. Then you draw a line from the outside of the eye to the innercorner. This way you get the least resistance from your eyelashes that can cause black spots on your eyelids. Make sure, whatever way you do it, that the liner at the beginning of the eye is as thin as possible, this just looks better. And remember to ALWAYS look straight into the mirror when applying. When the liner that used to sit at the innercorner of your eye gets on your lower waterline you can remove this with a cotton tip and re-apply. Also it is handy to use waterproof liner because this wil stay on better, keep in mind it also comes of harder. But have fun with it, experiment and use different colors than just black. This way your make up gets versatile and fresh.



– MAC Blacktrack US$15.00
– Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner also US$15.00
(sorry don’t know the european prices)
– HEMA eyeliner €3,75 (BE, NL, DU)
– Gosh eyeliner $13.50 or €6,99


looking fab costing little

Dear make up friends,

When I discovered Essence at a local drugstore I was over the moon. Their choice in products is just going on and on and still expanding. And they really have an eye for what people (or young females) want these days. I think that’s a strong feature. The best item in their collection is I have to say their nailpolishes. They stay on so well! They only cost €1.60 and they have soooo many colors. And cute names as well. They even have a whole extended nail collection. The rest of the collection is also nice, they have a matt bronzer wich is uncommon these days and a wide range of eyeshadow colors. If you are a beginner in the make up field you might like to try out these products. And their mascaras are really really good and cost almost nothing.

Another great make up brand wich costs little is Catrice. They are in the same categorie as Essence and I think great competitors. Catrice is a tiny bit more expensive but packaging is better on this side. Also their products are more adult and really handy to build up a basic collection for yourself. Again here their nailpolishes are addicting, I buy at least one every week. Nice colors are for instance: Meet Me At Coral Island and Sold Out Forever. A beautiful coral color great for summer and the most amazing cream green with little sparkles. A product I can’t live without is their 4 color eyeshadow palet. What I miss in these collections are foundations that have a true skin color and these are hard to find for really pale skin or really dark skin. My advise to you is just to go check out these brands in a drugstore and try them out. One last thing, you have to be living in the EU to buy these I believe.



Favorite make-up brands

Hi there!

I wanted to share with you my favorite make up brands in high end make up. I use a mixture of high end and what they call ‘drugstore’ make up. Mainly because high end is just too expensive for my obsession. Most of my high end make up is a heritage of my mom, who used to work at a make up store. She’d get all these testers and kept them in safe keeping for years. Now I know make up has a sort of expiration date but it can’t hurt with eyeshadows and blushers and stuff. A downside on it all is that these collections are very dated and when I really like a color I can’t rebuy it. So I have to be very thrifty. I do buy some high end make up myself, for example my eyebrow pencil by Yves Saint Laurent. There was a time when I bought high end mascaras because this is one of the key parts in a make up look, but thirty euros every few months for a mascara is a lot of money, even more when you don’t have a lot to spend. So I switched to cheaper ones wich, let’s be honest, are just as good as expensive ones and sometimes even better. A really important feature in the more expensive brands is the packaging wich usually is really beautiful. But in the end it’s about what you get inside. So after having experienced with all these different brands I think I now know what my favorites are, although there are a lot of brands that I still need to discover and I can’t wait to buy them and know all about it.

Shiseido make up is one of my top three favorites. What I like so much about this brand is that the quallity is really good, the foundations are  a dream, as well to put on as how they look on my skin. I also own a translucent loose powder and you might think this doesn’t make a big different but it does! It is way better then all my other translucent powders so I am convinced. It’s good make up for a reasonable price.

Chanel, the all time favorite of every girl. I used to have a hate-love affair with Chanel make up but I can’t live without it because their colors are just so damn amazing. And the names, I could make a living out of that, just inventing names for Chanel make up. Their nailpolishes are my favorite I have to say, although I don’t think they last very long, again the color is what does it for me. No other brand has that beautiful colors so well executed. Now on their make up I really like the compact powders and foundation again here. Also eyeshadows are to die for! What is there left to say, every girl needs a piece of Chanel make up in her posession.

Clinique last but certainly not least, although owned and inveted by Estee Lauder I love it more than it’s motherbrand. Because it’s so simple, the colors are beautiful but modest and the price is just a little more bearable. Next to that the quallity it just what you’d expect from high end make up, good and nothing but good. So thumps up for parfum free make up!

There are a ton of make up brands and I all love them but these are my favorites if I had to choose. Let me know what your favorite brands are or products you can’t live without!