looking fab costing little

Dear make up friends,

When I discovered Essence at a local drugstore I was over the moon. Their choice in products is just going on and on and still expanding. And they really have an eye for what people (or young females) want these days. I think that’s a strong feature. The best item in their collection is I have to say their nailpolishes. They stay on so well! They only cost €1.60 and they have soooo many colors. And cute names as well. They even have a whole extended nail collection. The rest of the collection is also nice, they have a matt bronzer wich is uncommon these days and a wide range of eyeshadow colors. If you are a beginner in the make up field you might like to try out these products. And their mascaras are really really good and cost almost nothing.

Another great make up brand wich costs little is Catrice. They are in the same categorie as Essence and I think great competitors. Catrice is a tiny bit more expensive but packaging is better on this side. Also their products are more adult and really handy to build up a basic collection for yourself. Again here their nailpolishes are addicting, I buy at least one every week. Nice colors are for instance: Meet Me At Coral Island and Sold Out Forever. A beautiful coral color great for summer and the most amazing cream green with little sparkles. A product I can’t live without is their 4 color eyeshadow palet. What I miss in these collections are foundations that have a true skin color and these are hard to find for really pale skin or really dark skin. My advise to you is just to go check out these brands in a drugstore and try them out. One last thing, you have to be living in the EU to buy these I believe.