Liner, your best friend or worst enemy

The cateye is one of the most popular looks. It is simple and always looks sophisticated. Although it’s not always as easy as it looks. If you tried this look you might notice it’s not always a fun thing to do. It is hard to get two of the same lines at both eyes. This is because your eyes are not even, nobodies are. It also depends on the way you apply it and wich product u use. Liquid eyeliner is far more harder to work with than cream or gel liner. With a liquid liner you have to use the applicator that comes with the liner, at the same time the lid on the bottle. A cream or gel liner is applied with an angled brush or a fine-liner brush. With this brush it is easier to work because you have better grip on the brush and that way you control it more. Also cream/gel liner is easier to adjust when it goes wrong. I can’t say there is a fool proof method or a way for you to do it, you have to try and try and try this out yourself. Practise makes perfect they say. What I do is I first draw the wing softly on each eye, you have to draw it out like you were sketching. Then you draw a line from the outside of the eye to the innercorner. This way you get the least resistance from your eyelashes that can cause black spots on your eyelids. Make sure, whatever way you do it, that the liner at the beginning of the eye is as thin as possible, this just looks better. And remember to ALWAYS look straight into the mirror when applying. When the liner that used to sit at the innercorner of your eye gets on your lower waterline you can remove this with a cotton tip and re-apply. Also it is handy to use waterproof liner because this wil stay on better, keep in mind it also comes of harder. But have fun with it, experiment and use different colors than just black. This way your make up gets versatile and fresh.



– MAC Blacktrack US$15.00
– Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner also US$15.00
(sorry don’t know the european prices)
– HEMA eyeliner €3,75 (BE, NL, DU)
– Gosh eyeliner $13.50 or €6,99